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Brief History of Vo Truong Toan High School

Vo Truong Toan High School was an all-boy high school that belonged to a prestigious public schools system in the city of Saigon, South Viet-Nam, where, an entrance exam was required to enter 6th grade. In 1955, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Vietnam renamed the Nam Viet (South Vietnam) teachers' college to a high school named after the famed scholar Vo Truong Toan with the first three 6th grade classes. A year later,Vo Truong Toan was officially established by the Resolution 62 of the Ministry of Education adopted on February 7, 1956, and in 1961, it became officially a Secondary High School.

Between 1970 and 1975, VTT averaged a student body of 2300 (6th to 12th grade) with about 300 in the graduating class. Under the Communist rule after 1975, the high school is one of a few that has kept the same name, but it has become a Co-ed school.

Emblems (Huy-Hieu) VTT H.S

More School Memorabilia