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Feedback & comments:


Magnificent web page! ..... Tim ra hinh toi trong Ky Yeu 71, lop TAM5.
Bao nhieu nam nay toi van hoi tham ban be ve tap Ky Yeu, ma khong ai
mang di duoc. Nay co tren Web page, that quy vo cung! Thank you, man!
Tran Anh Tuan,
Dallas, Texas.

Hello Tuan,
My name is Thang Nguyen, I just log in the VTT web page, you did a
wonderful jobs, all of the memory more than twenty years ago come back to my
mind when I look at the year book of 1971. I was in 9 grade (lop Chin 1) at
that time. I printed the whole book and it will be kept with me as a most
valuable thing I have, thanks for what you are doing for VTT Alumni Association.
Thang Quoc Nguyen ( class of 74)

Dear Tuan,

Thank you very much for your message. The VTT home page is great. Thanks
for your good work. I will let others know about it.
Be in touch,

= Prof. Vo Van Toi =
= Tufts University =
= Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department =
= Biomedical Engineering Laboratory =
= Halligan Hall =
= Medford, MA 02155 =
= Tel: (617) 627 5191 =
= Fax: (617) 627 3220 =

Hello Tuan,

It's wonderful that the alumni of VTT High School finally have a Web site.
I have talked many times to Mr. Pham Dang Khai of Burbank, California about
setting up a Web site so that an alumni network can be established....


Chi M. Ha, Ph.D.
Grapevine, Texas

Hi Tuan;

Hoan ho hai tay! VTT Web Site is excellent for the start.
Minh co mot so bai bao VTT cu, se scan va gui qua cho Tuan.
If I can be any help, please feel free to call.

Phuoc Cao (VTT '75, 12B3)

Hi Anh Tuan,
You're doing a good job. I've seen Petrusky & ChuvanAn web site, they have
some +/- points. You're with Tripod/11MB for the time being then how much
room left? Other web site, only $35.00 per year but how many MB's are
allocated for $35.00? Besides, do we have to download VN fonts in order to
read our language, w/o VN fonts, it looks like Arabic script..I'm looking
for my old pictures of 62's VTT , if found, VTT will see how the ancient
gorillas doing in the Zoo...

Thong Nguyen
Office email:

Name:Vincent V. Nguyen,MD (Nguye^~n phu+o+'c Vin~h Trang)
Address: El Cajon,Ca 92020
Profession: Physician
Attended VTT from 1973 to 1975
Class of 12B2 in 1975

Very happy to see VTT on line. Admire your endeavor to create this site.
suggest change name to International VTT Web site since this is THE ONE
rather Northern California which sounds so REGIONAL...

This's Thai from VTT 12B3, former 10B4, 11B4.
classmate with your brother Thanh. Congratualtion about VTT website, you know
Nguyen Truong Thanh. Will see you when i come see Thanh in SJ



The Web site looks good and is well organized considering your short time
frame, hobby. It would be nice if we have:
- Pictures of VTT school and cu. To^?
- Class list is organized into Name, Resident Location, Occupation, Email,
Pictures, and Comments. A form can be created to allow easy submission from
VTTs around the world. Won't it be nice to see how each other looks and their
attributes ?
- Links to other alumni associations. A search for "alumni association", Gia
Long, Trung Vuong, Petrus Ky, etc. may help ?
Do you really want to restrict the VTT AA to students between '55-'75 ? Should
it be just open to all VTT ?

Minh. (